CALA Mineral processing
CALA Mineral processing


Since our establishment in 2006, we serve as your independent consulting partner for project and process development, project management and engineering services, especially if you are seeking creative solutions which are not „off-the-shelf".


Our associates look back on a long term professional experience in many fields of materials engineering covering a wide range of minerals such as ores and coal, industrial minerals, construction materials (sand, gravel, crushed rock, other aggregates) and the recycling of secondary raw materials.




Although we serve and advise on practically all types of mineral beneficiation processes and raw materials, we have developed special expertise in various innovative fields during the last years:


→ Slag processing

We get the metal out of slag – and find precious applications for the by-products


→ Dry processing

Ever thought of the high potential of modern dry sorting techniques? Save some water, have dry products, every time those issues are of importance


→ Pre-concentration processes

Save grinding energy and chemicals, reduce your fines - just by removing invaluable tailings as early as possible


→ Get your plant optimised

We find reserves in the plant you are operating, identify possibilities to increase capacity, product quality and recovery and help to reduce energy and spare part costs

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